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Men’s Fashion: 6 Shirts You Need To Have This Summer

Another year, another set of trends to follow. And it’s no different for men. Take shirts, for example. You could say that its design has not changed since, well, centuries. But if you’re a man, choosing a shirt is not altogether that easy. In fact, men are more fashion-conscious than they let on. So if you’re having some trouble updating your wardrobe to catch up on today’s most important trends, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are the top fashionable shirt styles for men this 2018.

  •     Vertical Stripe Shirt

Zara Vertical Shirt With Vertical Stripes, $39.90

A vertical stripe shirt is a must-have this summer. It’s cool, hip, and just vintage enough to manage to be fashionable. This kind of shirt needs some thoughtful handling, though. Because let’s face it, you can either look James-Dean-cool or something straight out of a Bananas In Pyjamas episode. At the Spring/Summer 2018 runway fashion shows, you can see vertical stripes in bold, thick lines – not too risque. Wear this shirt with some jogger pants and a pair of round sunglasses for that effortless summer look.

  •    Tropical Print Shirt

ASOS Kiomi Short Sleeve Design in Blue, $30

Another summer must-have, for obvious reasons. Recently, we’ve seen tropical shirts being worn everywhere – from streetwear to high fashion looks on the runway. Tropical shirts used to be something middle-aged American tourists would wear on their trips to Hawaii. But recently, the hip and chic seem to have gotten it right, finally. Style it with some tailored chinos and a pair of sneakers to complete the look.

  •    Popover Shirt

Abercrombie Popover Oxford Shirt, $58

This shirt is a perfect compromise. It’s not too formal as a button-down, yet not as casual as a t-shirt. This is an ideal shirt for a barbecue with friends or a coffee date with that cute girl from the gym. What’s more, it is a versatile piece that you could wear during any season. In spring, you can wear it under your favorite leather jacket to get an edgier look. This summer, however, why not pair it with your pastel-colored chino shirts and a pair of oxford shoes for good measure?

  •    Gradient T-Shirt

Lanvin Gradient Pocket T-shirt, $260

Of course, this list would not be complete without featuring a t-shirt. But not just any t-shirt. If you don’t like graphic tees or you just want something new for your wardrobe, get a gradient t-shirt. They’re super casual but still playful enough to appear like you’re putting some effort in your style. Complete your look with a pair of jean shorts, some tennis shoes, and a baseball cap.

  •    A Polo Shirt

Navy/Cloud Pique Vintage Resort Polon $195

In fashion, the word “vintage” has been thrown around enough that even men want it in their wardrobes. But the truth is, the trends of the olden days tend to come back with some sort of reemergence, albeit with some twist. A polo shirt is a men’s classic piece of clothing, and you should have one – even if you don’t play golf. Wear one with a pair of tailored pants and some sneakers to get a casual look.

  •    The Henley

Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Waffle-Knit Band-Collar Henley,$35

If you want something different from t-shirts of collared shirts, get yourself a Henley shirt. This shirt will create a simple yet hip look that is more interesting than your usual t-shirt-and-jeans combination. Henleys typically come in breezy material that will mold to your perfect beach body while not entirely showing off. Style it with some knee-length chinos and white tennis shoes to create the perfect effortless look.

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