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Spy glass camera trick

Camera hidden in digital eyewear are called spy glasses that has also a tiny camera to record DV DVR video, in short, a camcorder embedded somewhere in the eyeglasses.

Traditionally, a spyglass meant a small handheld telescope used by mariners and seafarers. Then the tiny binoculars were manufactured that allowed a person to look at a far distance without being easily observed. The binoculars can be hidden inside a pocket. The modern spy glass without a camera has a focusing adjustment for distant objects and nearer ones.

Then an innovation occurred when a telescope was invented to be attached to the camera of a smart cell phone. It’s called a Monocular 40X60 zoom optical lens telescope with tripod and clip for mobile phones. In this case, the mobile phone becomes a spyglass, and the object spied upon can be recorded either as a jpeg-formatted photo or an MPEG video.

Today, when you talk of a modern spyglass, this is usually understood to mean a pair of eyeglasses where a photographic and video camera embedded at the center rim of the glasses, in the space between the lenses. These technologically sophisticated gadgets, like the Powpro PP-SG110, look like a sports sunglass. You press a select button found on the side of the glasses to start recording an event in video format. The high definition camera sunglasses has a video resolution of 5.0 megapixels.

Most high-end spy glass cameras have built-in 450mah lithium battery that can work for 1.5 hours after fully charged. These unique gadgets have integrated audio and support an original high-speed TF card. The more upscale spy glass cameras accept micro SD memory cards, where you can store more videos and photos and get them uploaded to any computer or view it on other compatible devices.

The Sappywoon SW-11 looks like an ordinary eyeglass with clear lens. But this model has a lot of exciting features like the loop video recorder. It comes with an 8GB micro SD card, so you have plenty of space to record events right away. It is a useful tool for investigative purposes, to obtain evidence or to activities, you can treasure and review later. Its small battery will enable you to record continuously for 50 minutes.

The Hidden Camera Video TA005 Spy Detector Tracker Sunglasses Eyewear Device is one of the most sophisticated spy glasses today. It is the world’s first full HD quality video camera eyewear with encryption read disk function. Comfortable to handle and convenient to operate, it allows real-time recording of a 5-megapixel Pinhole CMOS camera for clear digital video recording at the center of the glasses.

The TA005 Spy Detector Tracker Sunglasses is a must for adventurers, trend-spotters, journalists, traffic police, travelers, hikers, mountain climbers, students, and nature lovers. With an AVI video format, it records video at 30 frames per second in M-LPEG with a 1920 x 1080/ 1280 x 720 VGA resolution. Photos can be taken in JPEG format with a high 12-megapixel resolution. You can insert a 32 GB memory card for larger space. It sells for $62.

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